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New Laws That Affect Landlords and Tenants!

Here are the new laws introduced that could affect you as a homeowner, landlord or tenant!

Mold (SB 655) – A property can be declared unfit for a renter if mold is not cleared out. HOWEVER, a certified health official must come out to inspect the property first and he or she must declare property uninhabitable due to mold! Landlord not at fault if mold produced by tenant’s “inappropriate housekeeping” methods.

Clotheslines (AB 1448) – Home Owner Associations must allow all residents to put up drying rack or line…they have to be freestanding and not attached to the building without proper permission from HOA and Landlord.

Pesticides (SB 328) – Landlords may not longer spray pesticides themselves on the property. In order to spray pesticides on the property, the tenant must be given 24 hours notice, they must be told what pest they are spraying for AND only a licensed pest control professional can spray the property.

Fake Grass (AB 349) – An owner can now install fake grass regardless of the HOA guidelines.

Commercial Property Energy (AB 1103) – Properties more than 10,000 sq. ft NO LONGER need to disclose how much energy the property used in the previous year.

For a more detailed explanation and a full list of these new laws, please read the article published in the San Diego Union Tribune by Phillip Molnar, New Laws For Renters, Homeowners and Landlords. CLICK HERE to read article.

If you are a homeowner and have questions about any of these new laws or are looking for more information regarding our San Diego Property Management and Real Estate services, we invite you to give us a call today at (858) 877-3029! You can also CONTACT US by filling out the information form on our website and we will contact you right away to speak with you!

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