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How to Properly Market Your San Diego Rental Property to Find Good Tenants

Updated: Feb 29

San Diego rental marketing is the backbone of your entire rental property operation. Proper marketing allows you to find good tenants by attracting the biggest tenant pool. Then, you can pick and choose who you want to live in your property. This is every rental owner’s dream – to be able to pick your tenants. Here are some top ways to properly market your rental property in the San Diego area.

Accurate Photographs (and Lots of Them)

When you’re getting started with your San Diego rental marketing, your photographs should accurately represent your property. Look for good lighting, and use proper angles. According to these Los Angeles property managers, it's best to take panoramic photos for large rooms, and don’t be afraid to take multiple shots. You aren’t using film – you’re using a digital camera, and you can delete the photos you don’t need. Stay out of the picture, and be careful of mirrors and bathrooms. These areas can be hard to shoot, and they have funky angles. Your property needs to be clean and organized. No one wants to see dirty dishes or clothes strewn around.

Maximize Online Advertising

Once you have your photos, build your ad. You want to be all over the internet as much as possible. There are lots of well-trafficked internet sites that let you post for free. The more visibility you have, the better pool of applicants you’ll get. We advertise on most major real estate websites, giving you the most visibility possible at no cost.

Professional Signage

Yard signs are old-fashioned compared to the internet, but some people still rent houses this way. People may be walking their dogs or taking a walk around the neighborhood, and if they see a rental sign, they might know someone who is looking for a desirable house. You never know when someone will see your sign.

Think Outside the Box

In San Diego, we have lots of military facilities, hospitals, and colleges. Get on those housing websites when you’re looking for your next renter. If your property is located next to a hospital or a university or a transportation center, be sure to get in touch with those possible renters. Explore them all so your perfect renter finds you that much quicker.

These are some basic steps to get you started with San Diego rental marketing. If you have any questions, or you need help with San Diego property management, please contact us at Priority One Real Estate.

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