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Priority One has been serving owners, investors, and tenants in Hillcrest for more than 25 years. We are a respected leader in the property management industry, but more importantly – we’re the best resource for Hillcrest rental owners in the local market. Our experience is based on the properties we lease, manage, and maintain right here. We understand the local real estate trends and we solve the most common property management problems. 

This local expertise allows us to price your property accurately. It prepares you for the best outcomes in this rental market, and it helps us find, place, and retain outstanding tenants.

The local expertise you find with Priority One ultimately earns you more money on your rental property. We know there are plenty of large national chains looking for your business. We think property management is local, and we’re ready to prove it.  

Preparing Your Hillcrest Rental Property for the Market

When well-qualified tenants choose a rental property, they look for a desirable location, competitive pricing, and real value. We work with tenants every day, and that’s why we have a competitive advantage when it comes to preparing your property for the rental market. We make sure it’s clean, functional, and attention-grabbing before we even list it.  

With our initial walk through, we’ll identify any work that may need to be done before we list your home. This is usually something simple like fresh paint, a new appliance, or cleaned up landscaping. Whatever work needs to be done, we have high quality and cost effective vendors and contractors waiting to help. It doesn’t take us long to get the property ready to show.  

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This is a good opportunity for us to discuss any potential upgrades or updates that might make your home more attractive to the tenants we’re hoping to reach. Simple improvements can also mean higher rents. You might elect to update your exterior lighting for additional security or replacing the worn carpets with hard surface flooring. We won’t suggest anything that doesn’t make sense. If stainless appliances aren’t available in other homes in your neighborhood, you probably don’t need them either. This expertise reflects our deep local knowledge.  

Everything we do and recommend during the rent-ready process is based on what we know of the Hillcrest rental market and the prospective tenants who are going to be viewing your ad and requesting a showing. The result is a faster leasing process and a higher rental value.

Leasing Hillcrest homes in Montecito Point, Marston Hills, and the surrounding Hillcrest neighborhoods.

Proper Pricing Avoids Long Term Vacancies

Pricing a property accurately is often complex, especially since the market changes so frequently. We also have new statewide rent control laws to contend with, which often puts extra pressure on owners to get the price right. You have to think about when and if you’ll be able to raise it from year to year.

At Priority One, we can conduct a comparable market analysis that tells us what properties similar to yours have rented for in the area recently. This data is reliable and based on both our local market knowledge and also on the hundreds of properties we rent out ourselves in Hillcrest every year. We know what the market will bear and what tenants demand.

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When your rental property is priced competitively and accurately, you’ll earn more. There won’t be long vacancy losses or unqualified tenants willing to rent your home. The right pricing strategy will allow you to maximize your income without leaving money on the table. We know that overpricing a home is a good way to lose money. You can trust us to establish the right rental value.

The Priority One pricing process takes several things into consideration, including:

  • Rental property location and neighborhood.
  • Rental property age and condition.
  • Rental property size, floor plan, and layout.
  • Amenities and advantages.
  • Rental season.

We know the Hillcrest rental market well, and that’s why we’re confident with the price we recommend for your rental home.

Local Marketing Expertise Leads to Faster Tenant Placement

The next part of leasing your home is marketing. Again, our local Hillcrest knowledge makes a huge difference in how quickly we’re able to rent your home. It also impacts the quality of residents we attract. Our marketing plans revolve around online advertising and our deep professional relationships in the local real estate field.

We create attractive online advertisements that include professional-level photos and detailed descriptions. We also work closely with our network of real estate agents, encouraging them to show our properties and introduce their clients to the best rental homes we have to offer. 

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The result of our strategic marketing and advertising plans is a lower vacancy rate and faster tenant placement. You won’t lose money on a vacant property, and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding future turnover costs as well because the tenants we recruit have a history of staying in place and renewing their lease agreements.

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