Today I want to talk about some new San Diego rental laws affecting rental property owners in 2019.

Section 8 Law

The first and most important law, Section 8, only affects you if you have your property in the city of San Diego.  This law makes all property owners accept Section 8 vouchers. There is no more advertising No Section 8.   You have to take their voucher amount and add it to their income to see if they meet your minimum income requirements.  For example, if their voucher is $2,000 per month and they make $1500 per month their total take home is $3500.  You then see if this amount fits your requirements.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The next law that takes affect deals with Electric Vehicle charging.   Previously only properties with 5 or more parking spots this law applied to.  This is  where landlords had to allow tenants to install electric vehicle chargers at tenants expense.  Now there is no minimum amount of parking spots required. If you have one spot you have to allow install of electric vehicle chargers.

Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana

Another new law deals with the illegal cultivation of marijuana by tenants.  This law states  if a property is fined for a tenants actions of illegal cultivation of marijuana but the landlord has not knowledge, the fining agency has to give the landlord an opportunity to remedy the situation before a fine is charged.

Automatic Garage Door Openers Battery Backup

Another new law deals with automatic garage door openers.  Any new opener installed July 1, 2019 has to have an automatic battery backup so the opener works if there is a power outage.

Building or Safety Code Violations

Another new law deals with the fines imposed for building or safety violations.  This just increases the fines the city of San Diego can charge you for building or safety code violations on your property.  And, just a reminder from a few years ago, make sure all your plumbing fixtures are up to date and water conserving and this includes your faucets, shower heads, and toilets.
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