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3 Helpful Tips to Get Your San Diego Property Rent Ready

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Need to get your San Diego property rent ready? There are three hidden secrets to renting your property quicker, and we’re sharing those with you today. If you remember these three tips, you can be one of those winners with multiple applications on your San Diego rental property.

Get Your San Diego Property Rent Ready

Curb Appeal

Pay attention to curb appeal. Make sure the grass is cut and the weeds are pulled. Landscape the dirt because no good tenants will want to look at a yard of dirt. This is sunny San Diego, and the outside space is just as important as the inside space. Make sure your yard is an extension of your living space. According to this Manteca property management company, this will increase your rental price, help you find great tenants, and get your property rented faster.

Update Flooring

One of the most important parts of getting your San Diego property rent ready is preparing the flooring. A home’s flooring is a bigger deciding factor for renters than most property owners realize. Hard surfaces are always better than carpet. They are easier to clean, allergen free, and they last a long time. If you must have carpet in the property, make sure it is clean and stain free. A stained or over-carpeted house is a big turnoff. We get more rejections over flooring than anything else.

Paint Whole Walls

A bad paint job can make your wonderful rental go from gold to cold faster than ever. Many rental owners have a misconception about touch up paint. If there’s just one area that seems to need new paint, they will apply a little touch up paint rather than painting the whole wall. However, it fades ever so slightly, and the paint doesn’t look like a custom match. When you find errors or marks on the walls needing paint, be sure to paint from wall to wall for a uniform and nice looking wall. Renters want a clean living space and your walls are the base of your empire.

These are the three best ways to get your San Diego property rent ready. If you’ve got bigger repairs to tackle, check out our blog on handling rental property repairs like a pro. For more ideas, please contact us at Priority One Real Estate Consultants.

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