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Pet Criteria

All applicants are required to submit a pet application through a third-party pet screening vendor to verify if a pet will be in the home or not. Please follow the link below to complete the application.


Each animal has a one time pet registration fee of $330. There is also a monthly pet rent for each animal. The amount of pet rent is determined by the “Paws Score” that assigns your pet. The score is determined using a proprietary formula that takes into account things like pet age, weight, vaccination records etc. The following are the pet rent amounts:

  • 5 Paws- $45/ mo

  • 4 Paws- $50/mo

  • 3 Paws- $55/mo

  • 2 Paws- $65/mo

  • 1 Paw- $80/mo

Pet limits and weight limits may apply per individual property

Aggressive dog breeds are not permitted, unless they are an approved service/companion animal(s)


If your animal is not approved as an ESA or service animal it is considered a pet and must follow the guidelines above. Pet must be approved prior to move in to avoid fees. 

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