Placing the Best Hillcrest Tenants in Your Rental Property

Our Hillcrest property management team excels at a number of things when it comes to leasing and managing rental homes. Attracting, placing, and retaining great tenants is one of the things we do particularly well. The residents we put in your property will pay rent when it’s due, follow the terms and expectations in their lease agreement, and contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of your property. You benefit from our online advertising and marketing strategies. The work we do leads to lower vacancy rates and well-qualified applicants.

Applications are collected after we show the property and do a bit of pre-screening. We evaluate each application consistently, fairly, and scrupulously. We understand and appreciate all state, local, and federal fair housing laws. Our process is thorough, efficient, and effective. You get a great tenant quickly, and there’s no long vacancy or delay in the collection of your rental income.

California Fair Housing and Tenant Applications

Fair housing laws in California are complex. It’s easy to make a mistake, and those mistakes come with prohibitive penalties. At Priority One, we maintain a compliant and proactive process that protects you, your property, and your prospective tenants. Our process is documented, written, and consistent. There’s no room for fair housing errors or unintentional discrimination.

The rental criteria we’ve established is provided to each applicant. Based on that information, prospective tenants can usually judge whether or not they’ll be approved. This saves all of us time, money, and headaches. By documenting our process for tenant screening and putting that standard rental criteria in writing, we can demonstrate that each applicant is treated fairly and consistently. 

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Applicants who do not meet our income standards or credit requirements will be denied, and since we provide the criteria ahead of time, there can be no surprise or regret. There is no room to discriminate against one application unintentionally.  

We don’t only follow the laws; we keep up with the changes. You won’t have to worry that we’ve missed something. Our team values continuing education and we participate in conferences, seminars, and other professional development opportunities. It leads to better leasing.

Screening tenants all over Hillcrest, including Montecito Point, Marston Hills, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hillcrest Tenant Screening Protects Your Property

We take tenant screening seriously and that’s because it minimizes risk and damage. It means we won’t have to worry about chasing down late rent, threatening eviction, or cleaning up an extreme amount of property damage. We also pay attention to screening because we know the tenant living in your property will have a direct impact on the money you earn and the investment experience you have. 

Your cash flow and return on investment (ROI) depends on timely rental payments, excellent attention to leasing details, and proper care of your investment home. We know you need tenants who won’t damage your investment. We want tenants who won’t waste our time and frustrate our staff. 

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Our comprehensive screening process protects you and your investment. You lose money when we have to evict a tenant, and you lose time if extensive property damage leads to longer turnover periods. Our standards are high because your expectations are high.

The Priority One Hillcrest tenant screening process is rigorous, consistent, and legally compliant. It includes:

  • Nationwide criminal background checks.
  • Nationwide eviction history checks.
  • Credit checks.
  • Employment and income verification.
  • Verifying rental history.

Finding the right resident is one of the most important things we do while managing your Hillcrest rental home. You need reliable screening data and consistent expectations. That’s exactly what we deliver.

Moving in and Managing the Lease: Expectations are Clear

There’s a collective sigh of relief when a qualified tenant is found. This means your rent starts coming in, and your property is occupied and cared for. 

Before we can do all that, we have to sign the lease agreement and manage the move-in process. This is a time of excitement and stress for your new resident, and the best way we can support you as the owner is by ensuring your tenants have smooth and stress-free move-in experience.

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We take the time to discuss the property and the lease expectations in detail. It’s easy to have the contract signed electronically and the move-in funds paid online. But, we want to make sure your tenants are comfortable with their responsibilities. We want to make sure questions are answered and problems are addressed before the move-in date. We talk about rent collection, late fees, utilities, and how to request repairs. We make sure they understand the process for emergencies and how to contact us if they have any questions.  

As we establish and maintain a positive and professional working relationship, we allow our owners to relax, knowing that they have excellent tenants in place. This is how you run a successful investment property. It starts with the tenants and our expert management of those Hillcrest residents.

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