Landlord Education for Every Investor: Learn More About Your Rental Home

We like to educate our owners and investors about how to make the most of your rental property. Whether you’re new to the rental market or you’ve been investing for years, there’s always more to learn. Check out our helpful videos and our informative landlord education blogs. We’re interested in sharing information on everything from choosing the right investment property to finding the best tenants and saving money on maintenance.

Our landlord education covers all the bases. All of the topics we discussed are based on what we talk about with owners and landlords just like you. You have the same questions about property management San Diego property owners and investors are asking. We’re here to answer those questions with our landlord education and property management blog.

3 Helpful Tips to Get Your San Diego Property Rent Ready

3 Helpful Tips to Get Your San Diego Property Rent Ready

Need to get your San Diego property rent ready? There are three hidden secrets to renting your property quicker, and we’re sharing those with you today. If you remember these three tips, you can be one of those winners with multiple applications on your San Diego...

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2017 San Diego Rental Market Forecast Update for Investors

2017 San Diego Rental Market Forecast Update for Investors

Have you been asking yourself what the real estate market forecast is for the future? Are you tired of watching the stock market go up and down every day due to news we can hardly control? The good investment news is this: rental and home appreciations are on the...

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Section 8 Law for Your San Diego Rental Property

  There are several new rental laws in 2019 that are important for investment property owners to be aware of. Today, I am going to be discussing Section 8 Housing Voucher Program.  I will discuss how it affects the city of San Diego landlords. So what is the...

New Rental Laws for San Diego Rental Property

  Today I want to talk about some new San Diego rental laws affecting rental property owners in 2019. Section 8 Law The first and most important law, Section 8, only affects you if you have your property in the city of San Diego.  This law makes all property...

4 Benefits of Selling Your San Diego Rental Property that Every Homeowner Should Consider

 It is nice to let a renter pay your monthly mortgage. However, sometimes selling your San Diego rental property is better than holding onto it. You may have seen in another Priority One blog post that San Diego is currently in a seller's market. Besides that, here...

Priority One Real Estate is very reliable and understanding which is vital when it comes to finding the perfect home. They are continuously working to help you and accommodate your needs. Marc and Dianne are dependable which is very comforting to know, especially through the application process. We have been living at our home for almost a year and have enjoyed every moment of it. If you need realtors that are there for you and willing to help you through the process with open arms, Priority One is it. Best experience from the beginning to end.


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Great communication, honesty and very professional and up to date in easy to communicate technology. The property was in great shape too. Thank you Priority One

Carolina Munoz


Fantastic service and super responsive. Dianne has been a joy to work with and had all the answers for every one of my questions. I appreciated that she was quick to return my email even though she already had a lease out on the property we were interested in. Thankfully that fell through and we were able to snag an amazing house with the best team in the business. The rental process has been a breeze and the technology they use makes the whole process amazing. I was able to view the property, sign paperwork, pay my deposit, and submit important documents in one day, all without ever having to set foot in an office. First impressions are everything and mine have been very positive.

Kevin Glenn

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